Hida-Osaka E-bike Rentals

Once you signed up for your E-bike, it's all yours until you return it by 5 PM with the single price.  Enjoy fresh air of Hida-Osaka on your own pace.


JPY 3,630

including tax per person
4 to 7
MAX. 5 E-bikes
Pick up and return between
8:30 AM - 5 PM

E-bike pick up is available at Roadside Station Minamihida-Osaka Hanamomo anytime between 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM, then return by 5:00 PM.


Price: JPY 3,630 per E-bike including tax
Once you signed up for your E-bike, it's all yours until you return it by 5 PM with the single price.
About 30 minutes to Gandate Park from the E-Bike Office.
The E-bike ride makes it so much easier for you to access to Gandate Park, the public fountains of the naturally high dense carbonated hot spring, a day spa, fishing sites, and restaurants.


A 30-minute train ride from both Takayama and Gero, Hida-Osaka is a great place to get to know the Japanese land over lava flow, to feel the nature, and to experience the tranquility of wind and flowing river water.


<Pick up and return>
Pick up between 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Return anytime before 5:00 PM
JPY 3,630 per person including tax.
This is a single price rental.  The price does not change how many hours you rent the E-bike. 
At the time of sign-up, the deposit for the late fee of JPY 1,000 will be requested. Please be sure to return the E-bike by 5 PM, otherwise, late fee of JPY 1,000 will be charged.
<E-bike office>
Please come to Roadside station Minamihida-Osaka Hanamomo for the E-bike rental.
Google map → https://goo.gl/maps/MQABet6DUAcAxEVk7
If you need free transportation from JR Hida-Osaka Station, please inform at the time of booking
☆For travelers using JR trains
Reference time table of JR Hida-Osaka station
①From Gero and return to Gero
Arr. 9:28 AM →(6h)→  Dep. 3:24 PM 
②From Gero to Takayama
Arr. 9:28 AM →(6.5h)→  Dep. 4:03PM
③From Takayama and return to Takayama 
Arr. 8:26 AM →(6h)→  Dep. 2:30 PM 
④From Takayama to Gero
Arr. 8:26 AM →(7h)→  Dep. 3:24PM 
<Booking due>
3:00 PM on the day before the rental date.

<Payment method>

Cash, credit card, or Paypal
<What to bring and wear>
- Suitable clothing for riding a bicycle.
- Tennis shoes, sneakers or sandals with a strap.
- Carrying an additional light jacket is recommended in autumn and in spring.​

<Additional information>
​★You must be 150 cm (4'11") or taller to ride the e-bike.
★A small backpack to carry your personal items is helpful since the E-bike does not have an installed basket or bag.
★E-bike ride on a rainy day is not recommended.
★Please be sure to return the E-bike by 5 PM.  If you return the E-bike later than 5 PM, the late fee of JPY 1,000 will be charged.  (At the time of sign-up, the deposit of JPY 1,000 will be requested.)
from early March to December 
as long as there is no snow

Also visit:



Takayama guide office

65-1 Ojinmachi, Takayama City, Gifu, Japan

TEL +81 90-7696-2981

Hida-Osaka guide office

811-1 Akanta, Osaka-cho

Gero City,  Gifu, Japan

TEL +81 90-7696-2981