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​Snowshoe hiking

Guide tour on a high land at an altitude of 1300 m / 4300 ft with your snowshoes on. 
A private snow field is waiting!
Winter is not only about skiing and snowboarding!
We run around in a field of snow with our snowshoes on, go downhill on a sleigh, and lay down just for fun. On this tour, there is also a hot drink break to soak up the breath-taking scenery of the Northern Japanese Alps and Mt. Ontake.

You will meet the guide at JR Hida-Osaka Station .  And the guide will take you back to the station after the tour.  JR Hida-Osaka station is just a train ride from JR Takayama Station for about 30 minutes.

<Time Table>

09:30 AM Meet the guide at JR Hida-Osaka Station

09:40 AM Sign-up ad check the gear at Hida-Osaka Visitor Center 

                   Leave for the snow field

10:50 AM Arrive at the snow field

11:00 AM Activity start

13:00 PM Activity finish

                   Enjoy the time around and lunch.

01:40 PM Lunch at a local spot

02:30 PM Arrive at JR Hida-Osaka Station.

                   Finish the tour.

<What to bring>

- Warm clothes (Fleece or light down jackets are recommended).

- Knitted cap, sunglasses, and drink.

***Rain jacket and coat, snow boots, and snowshoes are available for free.  Sizes are limited.  216WORKS will ask your size at the time of reservation.

- Desired items and items available for free rent are listed in "What to bring PDF."


- JPY 8,800 per person, including tax

- Payment: Cash on the day of the tour or credit cards.



-Please read through "Winter requirement PDF" to make sure you are eligible for the tour. 

- Please make a reservation at least 3 days before the tour date.

- Please book via the contact form indicating your name  and your contact info, Please make sure to indicate the desired tour name and the tour date.

JPY 8,800


per person, including tax

​Minimum 2 people

Maximum  10 people

9:40 AM - 2:30 PM
from January 29, 2022
to  February 28, 2022
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