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Authentic outdoor activities

throughout the Hida region

Hida is a beautiful and unique region with peaceful small mountains and 3000m-high mountain ranges in the area.  In Takayama, at the heart of the Hida region, we offer selected outdoor activities only a local guide can provide.

Incredible experiences 

only local guides can provide 

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​【Hida-Osaka】Waterfall visit hiking

This hiking tour takes place in the forest on the lava plateau which was created during the eruption of Mt. Ontake 54,000 years ago. 
On this tour, you will not only visit waterfalls, but also enjoy the story behind its nature and an open-air tea ceremony in the forest.

【Hida-Osaka】E-Bike Tour

E-bike ride in a rural town along and across rivers where people live in harmony with nature, all related to the volcanic activity of their mother mountain, Mt. Ontake.

Frozen waterfall trekking at the closest location to Hida-Takayama.

Walking through a winter forest with your snowshoes on, you are about to witness a breathtakingly beautiful frozen waterfall.

"Shower-Climbing (Canyoning) " at the closest location to Hida-Takayama.

An exciting experience in the splash of the river water.  We've done all the preparation for you with equipment, and guides provided by 216WORKS.  

Virtual tours

Join our tour anywhere from the world. 

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