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Hida-Osaka Shower Climbing (Canyoning)

Dive into the mineral water river at the closest location to Hida-Takayama! What an experience!


Hida-Osaka Shower Climbing is a canyoning-like adventure that you can swim in rivers, dive into waterfall basins, and enjoy the natural water sliders! With all the gear provided by us, you can enjoy Hida-Osaka much more than you imagined!

Riding on a train south from Hida-Takayama for 30 minutes, or north from Gero Hot Spring for 20 minutes. Hida-Osaka spreads at the foot of Mt. Ontake of 3,067m / 10,000ft. The river water of Hida-Osaka is very clear due to the huge amount of spring water and deep forests of the mountain. On this tour, you can enjoy not only the latest popular canyoning activity, but also the new summer trend in Japan, "shower-climbing."

<Start and finish>
9:30 AM to 1:30 PM at Osakana Riverbase
Duration of the tour: 4 hours
Free transportation from JR Hida-Osaka Station is available upon request at the time of booking. In that case, please meet us at Hida-Osaka station at 8:30 AM. (From Takayama / Gero, please arrive at HO Station by JR train at 8:26 AM)


- Meet us at Osakana Riverbase at 9:30 AM.

- Finish the sing-up, get instructions and dressed.

- Get in the guide's car and leave for the river. (Approximately 15 minutes.)

- Enjoy shower-climbing tour for 2 hours.

- Head back to Osakana Riverbase at 1:10 PM.

- Change clothes and the whole program is over.

- Lunch and hot spring bath for the special plan will follow 

*The above itinerary is subject to change depending on the conditions of the river and number of participants.

<What to bring>

- Swimsuits to wear under the wetsuit

- Changing clothes

- Rash guard (if you have one)

- A towel

​- Flip-flops

​- Health insurance card or equivalent information (Not necessary to submit)

* All equipment including wetsuits, wading shoes, helmets and gloves are prepared by 216WORKS.


Special plan is available every day except Wednesday.


- Booking due is 3 days before the tour date

- Please book through the contact form indicating your name  and your contact info, Please make sure to indicate the desired tour name and the tour date.

Min. 2 peoeple / Max. 10 people
9:30 AM - 1:30 PM

☆JPY 8,800

☆including tax per person

★JPY 12,000

★including lunch, hot spring bath tax
per person
★Special plan
from July 1 
to September 23,
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