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​Spring / Fall
Mt. Ontake Trekking

Welcome to 216WORKS’ home mountain!
Trail up to the top of Mt. Ontake,
one of the 3 sacred mountains in Japan

【From the trailhead of Hida-Osaka 】

The peak area of Mt. Ontake spreads 4 km / 2.5 mi from the south to the north and 2 km / 1.2 mi from the east to the west.  That's said, Mt. Ontake is the mountain of which peak area is the biggest of all mountains in Japan.  There are several trailheads scattered around the foot of the mountain, and one of them is at Nigorigo hot spring area in Hida-Osaka.   

216WORKS, as the professional guide office originated in Hida-Osaka, we proudly make your trekking trip up to our Mother mountain safe, educational and, more importantly, fun. 

The tour will be carried with multiple groups up to 5 people.  Don't miss this chance of the annual tour especially to the shining blue crater pond with ice in June and the comfortable late summer mountain in September.


For those who are not used to the high-altitude trekking, we will set up an online pre-check meeting on Zoom to give you some tips for the trekking and make sure we have all gear and clothing ready for the day.

【Schedule for the 1-day trek

7:00 AM Meet at trailhead in Nigorigo

(5:30 AM at Hida-Osaka Activity Base at H-O 200 Falls office)

7:30 AM Start trekking

12:00 PM Arrive at Gonoike mountain lodge

2:00 PM Start trekking back to the trailhead

5:00 PM Arrive at trailhead in Nigorigo and finish the tour

Hiking duration appx. 9.5 hours
Hiking distance appx. 8.5 km / 5.3 miles
Altitude difference appx. 1000 m / 0.6 miles

【Schedule for the 2-day trek

~Day 1~​

9:00 AM Meet at trailhead in Nigorigo

(7:30 AM at Hida-Osaka Activity Base at H-O 200 Falls office)

9:30 AM Start trekking

3:00 PM Arrive at Gonoike mountain lodge

If time allows or desired,  an additional 1 hour hike to Mamakodake peak. 

5:00 PM Dinner


~Day 2~

6:00 AM Breakfast

7:00 AM Morning hike around the lodge, Marishiten Peak or Sannoike pond.

9:30 AM back to the lodge.  Relax at the lodge.  Enjoy the last moment at the peak on your own with coffee and cake.

10:30 AM Start trekking back to the trailhead

2:00 PM Arrive at trailhead in Nigorigo.  Soak up in the hot spring and refresh.

3:00 PM Finish the tour.

※Kengamine peak is temporally off limit due to volcanic activity warning level 1 as of July, 2023.


※Overnight lodge fee for the participants is to be covered by the participants.  The year 2023 lodge fee is JPY 14,000. 



Minimum price up to 2 people
including tax

JPY 33,000

/ day

JPY 16,500

/ day
per person up to 3 people 
including tax.

This tour is carried with multiple groups until the number of participants reaches 5 people. 

No. of

 1 to 5 people


①Saturday,June 4, 2023
②Sunday, June 10, 2023

Sat-Sun, Sep 10-11, 2023
スクリーンショット 2021-12-01 111114.png

↑Gonoike mountain logde website

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