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A 1-day trekking in the Northern Japanese Alps

A day trip to the Japanese Alps from Hida-Takayama

A day trip to the Japanese Alps from Hida-Takayama
This is a circular trekking tour for 8km/5miles, going to the peak of an active volcano, Yakedake. Mt. Yakedake lies at the southern part of the Northern Japanese Alps. The peak of this mountain is at 2455m/8050ft, and it's an active volcano up to date. We will hike up to the peak of the mountain.  The local guide will explain about the unique volcanic  scenery on the way. You will have lunch at the peak and then go down to the other side of the mountain. This is a full-day trekking tour.

- Meet at JR Takayama Station at 6:50 AM

- Take a bus and get off at Kamikochi-Teikoku hotel*

- Start trekking

- Have lunch at the peak**

- Go down to Nakanoyu

- Walk 3 km (2 miles) to the bus stop of Nakanose

- Take a bus

- Finish the tour at JR Takayama Station at 6:30 PM

* Bus expense should be paid on your own expense.

** Have lunch inside the mountain lodge under bad weather condigion.

** Lunch is not scheduled in this tour.

<What to bring>

- Something to drink

- Suitable clothes for walking

- Trekking shoes

- Rainwear*

* Rainwear, rain coats and waterproof pants, are available for rent upon request.


- JPY 33,000 including tax per group

- Payment method : Cash, credit card, or Paypal

- Bus expense of JPY 5,130 (as of 2022) per round trip and per person for your own and the guide must be paid by the participants.


- Booking due is 2 days before the tour date

- Please book through the contact form indicating your name  and your contact info, Please make sure to indicate the desired tour name and the tour date.


JPY 33,000

including tax per group
    ​ +
Public transportation fee for the guide and the participants.
 Max. 5 people
6:50 AM - 6:30 PM
July - September
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