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Hida-Osaka E-bike Tour

An E-bike ride along and across the rivers in Hida-Osaka with the local guide.  Many things you see in this town are related to the volcanic activities of our mother mountain, Mt. Ontake.  You'll find why. 

March 15 - June 30
October 1 - November 10

​except for Wednesdays

JPY 22,000

The story 

This is an e-bike tour along and across the four rivers in Hida-Osaka.  The tour will connect you with the authentic Japanese nature. Many things you will see in this town are related to the volcanic activities of our Mother mountain, the active volcano, Mt. Ontake, and you will learn how the land of Hida-Osaka was formed after the eruption of the volcano 54,000 years ago.  A visit to Gandate Park, the symbolic park of the town, is also included in this tour.  Gandate Park is surrounded by the forest along rivers and waterfalls.  The 30-minute hike in the park will give you the great opportunity to quickly enjoy forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) as well.


A 30-minute train ride from both Takayama and Gero, Hida-Osaka is a great place to get to know the Japanese land over lava flow, to feel the nature, and to experience the tranquility of wind and flowing river water.


While you bike along the rivers, your guide will explain how people in Hida-Osaka have long lived in harmony with nature. While cycling around in this small town, you never know who you will meet and who you will chat with.   Unexpected welcoming conversations with local people have become one of the highlights of the tour, too. 

What you see 

- Roadside Station Minamihida Osaka Hanamomo

Gandate Park

- Local Buddhist temple

- The local bento shop

- Carbonated hot spring fountains

- The secret spot!

<Start and finish>
 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
The start and finish time is arrangeable according to the participants' arrival schedule, but the basic duration of the tour remains 5 hours. 
<Where to meet>
Osaka-cho bus stop run by Nohi Bus🚎
~Nohi Bus official website~  <--- Click here for the time table!
Takayama bus center 9:05 AM ---> Osaka-cho 9:50 AM
Gero station 9:00 ---> Osaka-cho 9:38 AM
or​ if you are driving 🚙,
Hida-Osaka Activity Base at H-O 200 Falls office
Google map → see above map

<After the tour, we will leave you at the bus stop>

Osaka-cho 3:38 PM ---> Takayama bus center 4:27 PM

(Weekdays only)

Osaka-cho 3:50 PM ---> Gero station 4:26 PM

※To Takayama ward on weekends

JR Hida-Osaka Station 4:17 PM ---> JR Takayama 4:54 PM

<Booking due>
2 days before the tour date

<Payment method>

Cash or credit card at the time of signup 
<What to bring and wear>
- Suitable clothing for riding a bicycle
- Tennis shoes, sneakers or sandals with straps at ankle and heel
- Backpack to pack your lunch
- Carrying an additional light jacket is recommended in autumn and in spring.​
<Weather announcement>
Tour will be cancelled if it rains.
If the weather forecast is not favorable, 216WORKS will contact participants after 4:00 PM on the day before the tour date in order to notice the cancellation of the tour due to the bad weather forecast.

<Cancellation policy>

- No cancelation fee is applied until 2 days before the tour date.

- 50 % of the tour price will be charged to participants who cancel their tour by 5:00 PM on the day before the tour date.

- The full fee will be charged to participants who cancel their tour after 5:00 PM on the day before the tour date.

<Additional information>
​★This is a private tour.  This tour is not mixed with other gourps.
​★The tour is conducted by an English speaking guide.
​★You must be 150 cm (4'11") or taller to ride our e-bike.
★Age range: 15 yo to 65 yo
★You will ride a mountain-bike style e-bike.  Please do not wear a skirt.
★Please bring a small backpack to carry your personal items and lunch.   There is also one available free of charge.
★There is a lunch and tea break during the tour. 
★Guide will upload an on-line photo album to share with participants after the tour. 
per person
including lunch and tax 
Min. 2 people / Max. 4 people
Private tour only
10:00 AM to  3:00 PM
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