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Matsukura Ruins Trail Guided Hiking Tour 

Let's go out for a hiking and a historical walk in the mountain standing silently at the west of Downtown Hida-Takayama.

Only a step away from Downtown Takayama. This is an easy trekking tour stipulating your imagination for the history of Hida region.

Matsukura Castle only lasted for 7 years when the nation was in the state of war in the late 16th century.  On this tour, you will hike through the main gate to the back gate of the castle. The ruins of the castle are spotted along the trail, which would make you wonder what the area was like back in the old days.  But don't worry, the local guide will help you interpret the history along the way.  At the top of the mountain, you will enjoy the veiw of the city of Takayama, and if the sky is clear, the fascinating view of the northern Japanese alps and Mt. Norikura spreads.  This is a short trail of 2 km / 1.5 miles in distance and 200 m / 650 ft difference of elevation. Everyone including even very beginners, from elementary school kids, can enjoy this tour.


- Meet the guide at Hida-no-sato / Hida Folk Village bus stop at 9:10 AM / 9:54 AM.

- Sign-up and gear check-ups

- Start hiking

- A short break at the top of the mountain

- Lunch break or snack time at the rest spot

- Leave and head to Hida-no-sato trail head

- Finish the tour at the bus stop at 12:20 PM / 1:00 PM.


- You will take a bus between Takayama bus center and Hida-no-sato / Hida Folk Village bus stop on your own.

- Lunch is not included in this tour.

~Nohi bus official site~


<Tentative bus schedule>

①Takayama 9:00 AM → Hida-no-sato 9:09 AM

Hida-no-sato 12:29 → Takayama 12:44 PM


②Takayama 9:45 AM → Hida-no-sato 9:54 AM

Hida-no-sato 13:29 → Takayama 13:44 PM

<What to bring>

- Snack and drink for yourself

- Suitable clothes for walking

- Sneakers

- Rainwear*

* Rainwear, rain coats and waterproof pants, are available for rent upon request. 


- JPY 9,900 per person including tax

-Lunch is optionally available upon request

>> Onigiri and miso soup: JPY 850 per person

>> Bread and soup: JPY 880 per person

- Payment method : Advanced payment by credit card

- Bus fare (Appx. JPY 100 each ride) should be paid on your own expenses.

- Guide transportation cost between Hida-Osaka and Hida-no-sato of appx. JPY 1400 and the parking fee JPY 300 are charged to the participants in addition to the tour price.


- Booking due is 3 days before the tour date

- Please book through the contact form indicating your name  and your contact info. Please make sure to indicate the desired tour name and the tour date and start time (9 AM or 10 AM).

JPY 9,900

per person with tax
Guide transportation cost will be additionally charged.
​Min. 2 people / Max. 5 people
①9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
②10:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Actual hiking hours: 2.5 hrs
May to November
​(Expect Wednesdays)
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