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A virtual tour of

the 301-year-old sake brewery

~Okuhida sake brewery~

The family-owned sake brewery is happy to take you inside their brewery.  

Their sake and original product to enjoy with will be sent to you in advance of the tour,

so that you can learn how sake is made while actually tasting it!

​※The tour will be conducted in English.


~Message from the hosts~

Hi, there! 

We can't wait to see you online!​  Let's toast together over Okuhida Shuzo's sake and cream cheese!

The sake brewery of this tour, Okuhida Shuzo is located in the most southern part of Gero City, Gifu Prefecture.  The start of their business dates back in 1720 and they just have celebrated their 300th anniversary in 2020. 

The brewery has solely been run by the Takagi's family and now it's passed on to the 11th generation.  This virtual tour will be hosted by 2 ladies, the brewery's 12th-generation-to-be, Ms. Risa Takagi and the 216WORKS' guide, Ms. Reiko Sasaki.


On this tour, you will be introduced to the brewery's historical documents and items, learn how sake is made, and visit inside the brewery with Risa in which sake making is just in progress.

And what's so special about this tour is that you will have a pre-sent sake and Okuhida Shuzo's original cream cheese at home to enjoy the tour with.

<Date and time>
1. Sunday, April 18, 2021
4:00 PM to 5:30 PM (Japan time)
2. Saturday, April 24, 2021
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (Japan time)

If you live outside of Japan,

please check your time with “Time Zone Converter”,

※The content of the tour will be the same.

JPY 5,500 per booking with delivery

Above price includes:

- Pre-sent sake

- Pre-sent original cream cheese

- Tour fee

- Tax

※Delivery is available only in Japan.

JPY 2,000 per additional participant(s) or
per booking without delivery

Above price includes:

- Tour fee

- Tax

※Please book for the number of participants of the tour.

You cannot have 2 people join the tour for a booking for 1 person.

<Where to meet>
On Zoom screen

The tour will be conducted online on Zoom.

You can join this tour from anywhere as long as you have your computer or smartphone screen and internet connection.

Zoom URL of the tour will be sent to your e-mail once your payment is confirmed.

<Booking due>

<With sake delivery> 5 days before the tour date.

<Without sake delivery> 2 days before the tour date.

<Payment method>

Credit card

<What's needed>
  1. If this is your first time to join a virtual tour on Zoom, please download and install Zoom onto your computer .        Useful link ->

  2. We cannot provide any technical support in the case of the participant’s connection failure. Please be prepared and join the tour in an environment with secure internet connection.

  3. Make sure you bring the sake and cheese you received to the tour. Or bring another drink of choice.

<Cancelation policy>

Full fee will be charged to the participants if the participants  canceled the tour on the day of the tour due to the participants’ reason. If you decide to cancel the tour, please notify us by 5:00 PM (Japan time) on the day before the tour date in order to avoid cancelation fee.

However, please note that even if you cancel the tour before 5:00 PM (Japan time) on the day before the tour date, if the pre-sent package has been dispatched from the brewery, you will receive the package and the actual cost of the order (appx. JPY 3,600) will be charged.


- Please note, we will record the tour.  The recorded footage and photos might be used for promotional purposes.

- The tour will be conducted in English.

- The pre-sent package includes 1 sake bottle of 720ml and a package of cream cheese.  If you are interested in purchasing more in this opportunity, please check Okuhida Shuzo's online shop site (in Japanese only) and indicate the item and the number of the purchase in the message box of the booking form.

- Visit the web site of Okuhida Shuzo Co., Ltd.:

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